Reasons Why People Refuse Getting Insurances


“I will talk to my wife/husband about it.”

“I can’t afford it.”

These are some of the usual excuses we hear from people. Name it, we have heard it!

There are other reasons why people refuse insurance services in Miami, Florida. Let us discuss some of them below.

  • They do not understand what insurance is and is all about.

    There are instances where agents fail to explain everything clearly to their prospects or the persons do not understand the wordings used.

  • It is too expensive for them.

    People may have a lot of expenses, but some tend to mismanage their finances.

  • They are too careful that they won’t need it.

    Many people think they don’t need health insurance since they seem healthy. But that is not the only product available – you must protect your properties and prepare for your death, too.

  • It is hard to claim benefits.

    Many think it is hard to get a claim. What they don’t know is that the insurance agency in Florida needs to do investigations and clearing processes first to validate the claim before releasing the benefits.

  • They just don’t want it.

    Some people would rather spend their money on luxury items than secure their future.

If YOLO is your motto, think again. But if you have decided to get a plan, choose the insurance provider that will guide you from application to claiming. Call Tremendo Insurance at 1-305-763-6696.

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